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Chronic wounds and the infections associated with them are responsible for a considerable escalation in morbidity and the cost of health care. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of stabilized hypochlorous acid solution (HOCl) on killing rate, biofilm formation, antimicrobial activity within biofilm against frequently isolated microorganisms and migration rate of wounded fibroblasts and keratinocytes.

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December 10, 2014 - 2:45pm - The American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Neurology Section launched a new Special Interest Group (SIG) focused on education and issues for physical therapy professionals and students in the field of Assistive Technology/Seating & Wheeled Mobility (AT/SWM). Read More >
December 10, 2014 - 2:42pm - A treatment pioneered at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research (CVR) (Pittsburgh, PA) is far more effective than traditional antibiotics at inhibiting the growth of drug-resistant bacteria, including so-called “superbugs” resistant to almost all existing antibiotics, which plague hospitals and nursing homes. Read More >
December 10, 2014 - 11:26am - InControl Medical has received FDA clearance to sell their Apex Device over-the-counter, without a doctor’s prescription. Read More >

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